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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Class "K" Fire Extinguishers 4 Liter

Model Kfire K-4.0
Type Approval 수소 17-33-2
Capacity 4.0L Wet Chemical
Fire Rating Class A,B,K
Total Weight 6.9Kg
Discharging Range 3~5m
Discharging Time 60sec
Operating Pressure 0.97MPa
Operating temperature -20℃~40℃

Class "K" Fire Extinguishers 3 Liter

Model Kfire K-3.0
Type Approval 수소 17-46-1
Capacity 3.0L Wet Chemical
Fire Rating Class A,B,K
Total Weight 5.7Kg
Discharging Range 3~5m
Discharging Time 52sec
Operating Pressure 0.97MPa
Operating temperature -20℃~40℃

K-class fire extinguishers have a
suffocating + cooling effect

Kissen's K-class fire extinguisher is a fire extinguisher optimized
for vegetable or animal cooking oil firesmainly used in commercial cooking utensils.

Class "K" Fire?

It means an edible emulsifier containing combustible cooking ingredients (vegetable or animal oil or fat).

In the case of a K-class fire, the temperature difference between the flash point and the ignition point is small (about 60 degrees), and the boiling point is higher than the ignition point (about 360 degrees, boiling point about 400 degrees), and even if the flame is removed by suffocation, it recurs immediately. Therefore, in order to extinguish the fire, the surface is instantly suffocated to block flames and quickly cool down the combustion source (food oil)

Spray Type Fire Extinguisher K-Spary

Kfire has the technologies to make "EASY, COMFY and HANDY" Fire Extinguisher for immediate response to fire accidents.

"EASY, COMFY and HANDY" Fire Extinguisher
Immediate reponse to "FIRE" is very important
Model K Spray
Type Approval 간소19-13
Preservation Period 2year (0~40℃)
Discharge Range 1m~5m
Dischage Time 25 sec
Uses Immediate response to oil and fabric material fire accident.
Material Specification Wet Chemical 427ml, Total weight 612g
  • It is very effective in cooking oil fire.
  • Initial response to home fire.
  • Hot or Cold, effective in every season
  • Regular inspection is not required.
  • It can be used semi-permanent
  • There will be no sight interruption because it is liquid chemical based not dry powder.

Throwable Fire Extinguisher K-Shot

Throw at the fire for immediate response. You can prevent fire by quick response of throwing.

"EASY, COMFY and HANDY" Fire Extinguisher
Throw for quick response to fire accidents
Model K-Shot
Type Approval 간소19-8-1
Preservation Period 2year (-20℃ ~ 45℃)
Remarks Wet Chemical based. Does not creat residure.
Purpose Immediate response to fire(Home, camping and portable).
Specification Wet chemical 680ml. Total weight 890g (without bracket)

※ Specification: 1 Piece in 1 set, 2 in 1 set, 4 in 1 set (Brackets included)

  • Easy, comfy and handy to carry.
  • Recommended to place these items at fireprone products are produced for immediate fire response.
  • Constant inspection is not required. No residue after used for fire fight.

Kitchen Stick Fire Extinguisher For cooking oil fire

Model K-fire stick
Main Ingredient Ammonium Carbonate
Weight 100㎖
  • It is for the initial fire suppression in response to a fire of less than 2 liters of cooking oil.
  • It cannot be used except for cooking oil fire.
  • Do not throw oil as it may splatter.
  • Be sure to close the gas valve in the event of a fire.
  • Please ventilate thoroughly after extinguishing the fire.
  • Install out of reach of children.
  • If you take it, vomit it immediately, and if there is any abnormality, consult a doctor.
  • If the container is damaged and comes into contact with digestive medicine, wash it well with water and consult a doctor if there is any problem.