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Cabinet-Type Sprinkler System

Cabinet-Type Sprinkler Model : HK-SH-CABINET

Features and Advantages
  • Acquisition of electromagnetic compatibility certification: Few malfunctions occur due to electromagnetic waves
  • Configuration of the control unit square pipe frame: Large work space with open front and side surfaces
  • Multi-detachable with high space utilization: Installation of the front of the control unit and installation of the side of the control unit
  • Product design prioritized for users: Prevent sagging of battery stand/ Easy to move on-site handle/high load caster
Cabinet-Type Sprinkler Facility Specification
Type Pump pressurization method, pipe length used (5 to 80M), for 10 minutes
Components Inverters, batteries, motor pumps, etc.
Head Sensing Temperature Range (℃) 72-105℃ early reaction type (residential use, K=50)
Water Tank Capacity About 1,150 L
Water Discharging Time 10 minutes (residential SP head K=50×2 pieces)
Pump Capacity, Discharge, Power 125L/min, 48m, 1.38kw
Piping Material, Name and Length SPP, CPVC, STS, 32A, (5~80)M
Emergency Power DC 24V, 80AH Battery
Exterior Figure (W x D x H)
  • 1) Water tank: 920×680×1,850 (material STS 304)
  • 2) Control unit: 680×250×1,815
  • 3) Assembly: Front 920×930×1,932 (including cast), Side 1,170×680×1,932 (including cast)
Cabinet-Type Sprinkler Facility Specification
Installation Precautions
  • 1 Install in accordance with approved conditions
  • 2 Piping equivalent length (L) = 80m
  • 3 Test piping head: Residential sprinkler head (K = 50×2 EA)
  • 4 Water tank: Check every six months after installation. Replace the fire extinguishing water if it is insufficient or if the fire extinguishing water is contaminated.
  • 5 Grounding: There is a risk of electric shock or malfunction, so make sure to ground
Installation Apply To
  • Internet cafe

  • Single room

  • Karaoke

  • Nursing home

  • Room type bar

  • Billiard room

  • Screen golf

  • Massage shop

  • Restrant

  • Sauna room

  • Postpartum care center

  • Bar

  • All floors of a neighborhood living facility with a total floor area of 1,000㎡ or more
  • A camp in an educational research facility with a total floor area of 100㎡ or more.
  • Elderly facilities or mental health facilities - A place with a total floor area of less than 300㎡ and bars installed. - A place with a total floor area of 300~600㎡
  • 150㎡ of multi-use business on the basement floor.