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Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Components and Specifications

Fire Extinguisher HKF-320
Dimension (㎜) 150 (W) × 164 (H)
Capacity ( ℓ ) 0.8
Weight ( g ) 1900
Main Ingredient Potassium Carbonate (K2CO3)

Controller HKR-850/860T
Rated voltage DC 12V
Dimension (㎜) HKR-850/860T : 115.6(W)×28.1(H)×16.6(D)
Weight ( g ) 39

Nozzle &Temperature Sensing Part HKT-300/HKN-200
Primary Sensing Part Nominal Working Temperature : 95°C
Secondary Sensing Part Nominal Working Temperature :135°C
Spray Nozzle Discharging Time : 12 seconds / Discharging Angle : 80
Standard Type Protection Space : 695mrm x 695nnm
Effective Installation Height : 500-700mm
Wide Type Protection Space :500mrm x 700nnm
Effective Installation Height : 680-780mm

Control Box HKC-850/860T
Dimension (㎜) 153(W) × 120(H) × 45(D)
Weight ( g ) 700

Gas Detection HKD-500/400
Rated Voltage DC 5V, 12V
Applicable Gases LNG
Dimension (㎜) 61ø×32(D)
Weight ( g ) 60

Gas & Electric Shut-off Device

Diagram(Hybrid upper attachment type)

  • 1 Fire Extinguisher(With Fixed Bracket)
  • 2 Operating Device
  • 3 Discharge Conduit
  • 4 Outlet
  • 5 Detector
  • 6 Reception Part (Built-in Battery)
  • 7 Gas Cut Off Device
  • 8 Probe
  • 9 Control Part (have alarm feature)
  • 10 breaker type : Conduit and 220V Wire
  • 11 Electric Cut Off Device
  • Position the outlet near the center of the gas stove so that it can effectively fight in the relevant protection area
  • The fire extinguisher filling agent is a dry chemical powder or a reinforcen fire extinguishing agent with a protection area of 0.4㎡ or more.
  • Conduit
    - Area with retaining wall filling : CD pipe
    - Area with masonry filling : HI-VE pipe or CD pipe + support
    - Area with finishing materials such as plaster boards : HI-VE pipes or CD
  • For masonry areas, apply a square box
  • Drilling of holes to install outlets or detectors is to be conducted by the stove hood manufacturer.

Mechanical Gas Circuit Breaker

Circular gas circuit breaker HKS-800/800T

Gas Circuit Breaker


Embedded Gas Circuit Breaker


Integrated Gas Circuit Breaker

Touch type KFS-300

Gas Circuit Breaker Installation

Electric Circuit Breaker (Small current type)

Cubic Type

Rated Voltage AC220V / 60㎐
Rated Current 16A
Operative pressure DC 12V

Electric Circuit Breaker (Large current type)

Wiring Circuit Beaker
Name Wiring circuit breaker (for housing)
Type Approval HH05017-21079A HH05017-21079A
Model KB-35Fc D20 KB-35Fc D32 KB-40Pc D40
Rated Voltage AC 220V AC 220V AC 220V
Rated Current 20A 32A 40A
Phase 2 Phase 2 Phase 2 Phase
Weight 160g 160g 160g
Display Green LED switch on Green LED switch on Green LED switch on
PCB 2Layer/FR4 2Layer/FR4 2Layer/FR4
Size 67(W)X50(H)X70(D) 67(W)X50(H)X70(D) 67(W)X50(H)X70(D)
Breacket Size 98(W)X50(H)X112(D) 98(W)X50(H)X112(D) 98(W)X50(H)X112(D)

KISEN-100 Features

  • This product is a commercial kitchen automatic fire extinguisher to prepare for fires that may occur during commercial cooking activities and provides information on the design and installation of the kitchen size and the composition of kitchen utensils through pre-test.
  • It detects a fire with a temperature sensor, and if a temperature above the set temperature is detected, a fire alarm and fire extinguishing agent are sprayed all at once into the protection area of the fire point to extinguish the fire and prevent the spread of the fire.
  • As an additional function, the alarm function has been enhanced using an external siren, and the contact signal can be used to connect with other devices.

KISEN-100 Operating Principles

  • 1 Fire breakout
  • 2 Detect fire setting temperature
  • 3 Control unit fire signal transmission
  • 4 Gas (Electric) Breaker Operation-Motorhead Operation of Fire Extinguisher
  • 5 Spraying fire suppressing agent→ Fire extinguishing begins
  • 6 All-round suppression by spray nozzle by location inside/outside cooking facility

KISEN - 100 Specification

Fire Extinguishing Control Unit KC-100
Model KC-100
Material Steel or SUS
Setting Temperature 0℃~999℃
Setting Area (based on 1 control unit) Maximum 3 zones
Installation Quantity (based on one control unit)
  • Fire extinguishing container: 1 for each zone
  • Nozzles: Maximum of 5 for each zone
  • Temperature sensors: Up to 6 for each zone
Size -20℃~40℃
Temperature Range -20℃~40℃
Fire Extinguisher KF-110
Model KF-110
Material KSD 3698, Thickness 1.2 T
Size Ø200×590mm
Contents About 13.5 ℓ
Pressurization Nitrogen Compression System
Charging Pressure 9.8kg/㎠
Maneuvering Method Motor drive opening system
Ingredients Potassium carbonate (K2CO3)
Discharging Time 60 sec
Range of Uses -20℃~40℃
Temperature Sensor KT100
Model KT100
Detection method Temperature sensor type (Thermistor Type)
Primary Detection 90°C (Settable)
Secondary Detection 130℃ (Settable)
Temperature Range 0~300℃
Gas Detector KD100
Model Gas Detector KD100
Detection method Catalytic combustion method
Detectable Gas LNG, LPG
Detect Concertation LPG 600~4500ppm, LNG 600~12,500ppm
Gas Detection Diffusion method
Operating range -20℃~40℃
Gas Shut-Off Device KS100
Model KS100
Blocking method Gear operation
Shut-off speed Within 8 seconds
Drive Control Method Motor drive, limit S/W method
Range of Use -20℃~40℃
Blocking 65kgf.cm
Working Voltage DC12V / DC24V
Durability Over 6,000 times
Standard 20A / 40A
Nozzle KNZ100SET
Model KNZ100SET
No. 001
Duct, stove, frying machine, frying machine
Discharging Time 60sec 60sec
Discharging Amount 2229g 3115g
Installation Apply Duct stove
Material Copper alloy/chromium plating
Manual Switch KMSW100
Model KMSW100
Driving method Contact point method
Range of Use -10℃~50℃
Material ABS flame retardant
Siren KISEN-KES100
Model Siren KISEN-KES100
Size(mm) 134mm×115mm×48mm
Flash time interval About 1.5 sec
Working Voltage DC 24V
Flash life About 30,000 hours
Audio Alarm 90~100dB
Installation fixed hole spacing 65mm
Flash alarm 1.2WS

*Sirens are optional

Configuration and Operation of Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Automatic fire extinguisher configuration
Operational Sequenceof Automatic Fire Extinguishing Equipment
  • Temperature Sensor

  • Fire Out Break

  • Receive fire signal Automatic fire Extinguisher, Fire reception Fire signal sent to CNC controller

    Stop the operation Shut off the mains interlocking device
  • Fire alarm (Siren ringing)

  • Fire suppression by releasing fire extinguishing agents from the spray nozzle

  • Suppression Confirm