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Electric Vehicle Fire Suppression Solution

Portable Fire Extinguishing Water Tank

Air Volume 3,000L
Air Charging Within 3 minutes (use air respiratory containers)
Installation Size 5,000mm(L) x 2,500mm(W) x 1,000mm(H)
Storage Size 1.000mm X 1,000mm X 600mm
Weight 65kg
  • Size customizable based on request
  • Handle, gas inlet, outlet, Etc.
  • Quantity and location of options can be changed after agreement.
KEV-cover size comparison

If cooling water is injected after installation, the floor must be large enough as it is drawn into the water pressure

  • Guidelines for easy center installation
  • Installing a ring that can be connected to a rope
  • Special inorganic particle coating stabilizes shape at 1,000℃ or higher
  • Weight around 25kg
  • Recommended use 5 times
Water Tank
KEV-WT-01(Standard) Polyester + PVC coating fabric applied.
Heavier than the premium
KEV-WT-02(Premium) Storage volume and weight is reduced by applying hypalon fabric
Order of installation

Fixed Fire Extinguishing Water Tank

  • Installation in an electric vehicle charging facility
  • The fire extinguishing water tank storage box is installed on the floor along the parking line,
    and the fire extinguishing water tank is automatically formed when the operation button is pressed in case of a fire.
  • Aiming and releasing water from the Kaion(Fire fighting robot) to extinguish electric vehicle fires
Product Configuration
  • Storage box & Control box
Storage box
  • Applied material SUS304 and thickness of 3T
  • Hyphalon-based Fire Extinguishing Water Tank
  • Fire extinguishing water tank built in 4 layer of Ø15cm x 4 up to 60cm high
  • After suppression of early stage fire, activate manually to pump the water
Control box
  • Storage of high-pressure gas containers for filling fire extinguishing water tanks
  • Auto/manual switch attachment with solenoid valve
  • Installation of the fire extinguishing water tank exhaust pump

Kaion Fire Fighting Robot

Components Controller, nozzle, camera, IR sensor
Fire detection UV, IR, CAMERA
Water tank capacity 1,600L (10 minutes), 3,200L (20 minutes)
Water discharging time 10 ~ 20 minutes
Pump capacity 3HP, Three phases 220/380
Nozzles I.D. 14.6mm
Pipe size (Suction and discharging) 32A
Appearance figures (horizontal x vertical x height)
  • Nozzle height : 3m
  • 1) Water tank for 10 minutes : 920×920×2,000
  • 2) Water tank for 20 minutes : 1,300×1,300×2,000 (2-stage separation type)
Fire recognition
  • Real-time fire monitoring
  • UV, IR and Camera (Application of three types of fire detection systems) → Ensuring accuracy
  • Fire detection recognition rate of 90% ↑
Fire suppression
  • Tracking and suppression of ignition points
  • Feedback on fire extinguishing
  • D/B set up and learning AI
  • Remote and manual operation


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  • Ships·ports

  • Aircraft

  • Airport

  • Tunnel

  • Hotel lobby

  • Industrial site

KEV-WT + Kaion

Product Components
  • Fire extinguishing water tank storage (Hypalon applied)
  • Control box
  • Fire fighting robot
Application principle
  • A fire breakout
  • Fire fighting robot detects fire (UV, IR, image recognition)
  • Shoot out water for early stage of fire
  • The fire extinguishing water tank control box receives a fire signal and opens the valve
    of the gas container connected to the fire extinguishing water tank to deploy
  • When the fire extinguishing water tank is completely charged,
    it detects the internal pressure and stops supplying the charging gas
  • Stabilize the battery by supplying water to the height of the battery of the accident vehicle


Difficulties of extinguishing Electric Vehicles fire
  • Electric vehicles may have a risk of fire due to external impact or during power charging. It is difficult
    to suppress the fire completely with a general fire e suppressing method.

    Kfire has a variety of fire suppressing solutions based on fire preventing fire cover KEV-Cover which
    it can prevent initial spread of fire and reduce casualties and property damage.

    By analyzing the usage environment, we provide consulting on fire prevention and suppression
    solutions by applying a fire extinguishing water tank (KEV-WT), a fire suppressing robot (KAION) and
    a fire preventing fire cover (KEV-COVER) under optimal conditions.
Fire Cover (KEV-Cover)
  • (Fabric)
    Soft and flexible to cover fire objects as if they were wrapped around them.
    Silica fiber and glass fiber can be applied depending on the use environment.
  • (Coating)
    Storing and using increases the durability of the fabric and may harden the silicone during fire
    exposure. Maximize choking performance by maintaining non-combustibility.
KEV-cover SPEC
KEV-cover-01 KEV-cover-02
Fabric Glass Fiber(Glass Wool) Silica Fiber
Coating 1 silicone coating / Dipping 1 silicone coating / Dipping
Size 6m×8m 6m×8m
Product weight 26.5kg 23.5kg
Unit weight 555g/㎡ 490g/㎡
Heat resistance test
  • Piercing Strength
  • Flame Protection Performance / Heat Shrinkage
  • Wear and tear resistance
Heat resistance test
Heat resistance test