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Business Area

Fire-Fighting Area

It refers to traditional fire-fighting area that the most people are aware of. Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co.,Ltd. started its fire-fighting business from manufacturing ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher which is the product that made Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co.,Ltd. Today Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co.,Ltd is developing and manufacturing many

kinds of products including fire extinguishers in order to become a real expert in fire-fighting equipments. It currently produces ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher, fire hoses, auto-spreading fire extinguishers, gas leak alarms and descending life lines.

Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co.,Ltd.manufacturers and supplies quality products through constant technical development and cost reduction. Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co.,Ltd hopes to be the best Domestic company in the fieid by expanding its product range continuously.

Convergence Products Area

Beyond dth traditional fire-fighting area, Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co. Ltd also develops convergence products having a synergy effect with IT, electricity, electronics, chemical and etc.

In the modern world, there are many complicated emergencies and situations where fire prevention, defense or extinguishing can't be done with traditional fire-fighting equipments only. For instance, skycrapers are vulerable to fire and there are many other buildings such as subway stations or tunnels that are prone to fire.

Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co.Ltd is currently developing Fire Location Tracking Auto Exitinguishing Equipment which uses an image sensor to find the location of fire quickly to extinguish it automatically. This product is suitablel to larger spaces such as tunnels and airports.

Generally, it is difficult to penetrate overseas market for thie extinguishing products but the development of cutting edge fire extiguishing products will open us the path for exports.

Integrated SystemArea

Fire extinguishing systems are important to every country and it is directly connected in the public safety which can't be negiected. Such systems can be applied to building, local administration or even to the country. These systems can be used to manage the buildings that are prone to fire. Overall management of fire extinguishing facilities and products can be done as well.

Hankook Fire Fighting Equipments Co.,Ltd is currently developing mobile based fire extinguishing system for buldings which can be eapanded to a fire extinguishing system for the city and even for the country.