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Smart Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • 1

    The user turns on the gas and electric stove for cooking.

  • 2

    LED lights up automatically.
    The stove hood operates automatically in two stages.

  • 3

    The user turns off the gas and electric stove after cooking.

  • 2

    LED the light turns off automatically.
    Ventilate residual heat and smell before automatically stopping.

Residential Kitchen Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

  • Fire Extinguisher HKF-320

  • Receiver HKC-850/860T

  • Gas Detector HKD-500/400HKS- 815/815T/820/820T

  • Gas & Electric Shut-off Device

  • Nozzle &Temperature Sensor HKT-300/HKN-200HKR-850

  • Controller

Smart Hood Fire Extinguishing System

IOT products that automatically link to hood & gas, electric stove & automatic fire extinguisher
(they can be linked even if the hood and gas and electric stove companies are different)

When cooking gas and electric stove the hood automatically operates and stops automatically after cooking to automatically operate the hood movement that is easy to miss, blocking cooking fumes, the main cause of women's lung cancer. And the range hood, which is linked to the automatic fire extinguisher, automatically stops positive suction in case of fire to prevent secondary fire inside the hood and the sink.

In conjunction with the "Kitchen Automatic Fire Extinguisher", the hood is completely automatically controlled even in the cooktop of the gas and stove.

Smart Lighting Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen Automatic Fire Extinguisher Interlocking Type
LED, temperature sensor and fire extinguisher nozzle are installed inside the light.
Automatic fire extinguishers can be installed using smart lighting in spaces without stove hoods such as Island kitchens and auxiliary kitchens.

Characteristics of Smart Lighting Fire Extinguishing Device

When the induction is on/off, the lighting is automatically on/off
Check the current in the fire-fighting electric circuit breaker and automatically link it with the lighting
  • 1 Check the current in the fire-fighting electric circuit breaker and automatically link it with the lighting
  • 2 Smart lighting automatically turns on when induction is on and turns off when induction is off

Product Composition of Smart Lighting Fire Extinguishing Device

A Case Study on the Installation of Smart Lighting Fire Extinguishing Device

Hood No
Upper drawer No
Island type No

Kitchen automatic fire extinguisher interlocking type

Smart lighting fire extinguisher

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Portable Water Tank for Electric Vehicle Fire

Air Charging
Size 2,000mm(W) x 5,000mm(L) x 1,000mm(H)
Weights 25kg
Maximum charging pressure 10kPa
Pressure to use 2kPa
Over pressure outlet 3kPa
Charging time Within 5 minutes (depends on the charging force)
Feature Attach handles for each part
Size 6,000mm(W) x 9,000mm(L)
Weights 23.5kg
  • Silica Fabric - Premium
  • Glass fiber fabric - Standard
  • PVC fabric - For training
Product Features
Water supply level 700mm ~ 1,000mm(Depends on the road condition)
The number of people installed 2 ~ 4
Installation time 3 ~ 5Min (Depends on the skill level)
Recommended number of uses 5

※ Easy to move, store and install

Installation Order

1. Install the floor

  • 2. Installing the wall

  • 3. Water supply

Example of Installing an Underground Parking Lot

Fire Suppression Robot

Components Controller, nozzle, camera, IR sensor
Fire detection UV, IR, CAMERA
Water tank capacity 1,600L (10 minutes), 3,200L (20 minutes)
Water discharging time 10 ~ 20 minutes
Pump capacity 3HP, Three phases 220/380
Nozzles I.D. 14.6mm
Pipe size (Suction and discharging) 32A
Appearance figures (horizontal x vertical x height)
  • Nozzle height : 3m
  • 1) Water tank for 10 minutes : 920×920×2,000
  • 2) Water tank for 20 minutes : 1,300×1,300×2,000 (2-stage separation type)
Fire recognition
  • Real-time fire monitoring
  • UV, IR and Camera (Application of three types of fire detection systems) → Ensuring accuracy
  • Fire detection recognition rate of 90% ↑
Fire suppression
  • Tracking and suppression of ignition points
  • Feedback on fire extinguishing
  • D/B set up and learning AI
  • Remote and manual operation


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